Moto Guzzi V 35 Imola II (1984)

The 1984 Moto Guzzi V 35 Imola II is a four stroke, 90 degrees V twin motorcycle with a longitudinally mounted engine. It has two valves per cylinder and an air cooled cooling system with a compression ratio of 10.5:1. The bike has 2x Dell’Orto PHBH 28 carburetors and an electronic ignition, and starts with an electric engine. Its maximum power is 35 hp/ 26 kW at 8100 rpm, whereas the maximum power for the rear tire is 30 hp/ 22.3 kW at 7800 rpm. The maximum torque is 27.3 Nm/ 20.2 lb-ft at 6500 rpm. The bike has a 5-speed transmission and a final drive shaft, with a front suspension of telehydraulic forks and a rear suspension of a swinging arm fork with hydraulic shock absorber. The front brakes feature 2x 260mm discs, whereas the rear brake has a single 235mm disc. The front and rear tires have dimensions of 90/90-18 and 100/90-18, respectively. The bike weighs 180 kg/ 397 lbs when wet, has a fuel capacity of 16 liters/ 4.2 US gal, and its average consumption is 45 mpg. The standing 1/4 mile time for the bike is 15.7 sec/ 92 mph, whereas its top speed is 98.7 mph.

Technische Daten:

Make Model: Moto Guzzi V 35 Imola II

Jahr: 1984

Motor: Viertakt, 90 Grad V-Twin, längs eingebaut, OHV, 2 Ventile pro Zylinder.
Capacity: 346.2 cc / 21.1 cu-in
Bore x Stroke: 66 x 50.6 mm
Kühlsystem: Luftgekühlt
Verdichtungsverhältnis: 10,5:1
Induction: 2x Dell’Orto PHBH 28 carburetors
Zündung: Elektronisch
Anfahren: Elektrisch
Max Power: 35 hp / 26 kW @ 8100 rpm
Max Power Rear Tyre: 30 hp / 22.3 kW @ 7800 rpm
Max Torque: 27.3 Nm / 20.2 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm
Getriebe: 5-Gang
Endantrieb: Welle
Vordere Federung: Telehydraulische Gabeln
Rear Suspension: Swinging arm fork with hydraulic shock absorber

Bremsen vorne: 2x 260-mm-Scheiben
Hintere Bremsen: Einzelne 235-mm-Scheibe
Reifen vorne: 90/90-18
Rear Tyre: 100/90-18
Wet Weight: 180 kg / 397 lbs
Kraftstoffkapazität: 16 Liter / 4.2 US gal
Verbrauchsdurchschnitt: 45 mpg
Standing 1/4 Mile: 15.7 sec / 92 mph
Top Speed: 98.7 mph

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