Vespa PK50 (1982-93)

The Vespa PK50 motorcycle was produced from 1982 to 1993 in various models including the PK50S, PK50 Elestart, PK50XL, PK50XLS, and PK50. The engine is a two-stroke, single cylinder with a capacity of 49.8 cc and a compression ratio of 9.1:1. The mixture used is 1:50 and the carburettor is a Dell’Orto SHB 16/10. The motorcycle is air-cooled with a centrifugal fan and uses a rotary valve for induction. The flywheel magneto is used for ignition and starting is done through a kick start. The clutch is oil-bath, multi-plate and the motorcycle has a maximum power of 2.7 kW at 7000 rpm. The transmission is a 4-speed grip shift with gear ratios of 1st 26.88 / 2nd 17.74 / 3rd 12.78 / 4th 9.62:1. The final drive is direct, and the motorcycle has a pressed sheet steel frame with a streamlined monocoque structure. It has trailing arm coil spring and damper front suspension and coil spring damper rear suspension with 150mm drum brakes on both wheels. The wheels are pressed steel flanges and interchangeable with 3×10″ tires. The motorcycle has a length of 1675mm, width of 700mm, and a height of 1070mm with a wheelbase of 1175mm and a ground clearance of 252mm. The dry weight is 77kg, and the fuel capacity is 6.2L with an additional 1.2L in reserve. Its consumption average is 3.5L/100km and has a top speed of 70km/h.

Technical specifications:

Make Model: Vespa PK 50, PK50S, PK50 Elestart, PK50XL, PK50XLS, PK50

Year: 1982 – 93

Engine: Two stroke, single cylinder
Capacity: 49.8 cc / 3.0 cub in
Bore x Stroke: 38.4 x 43 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.1:1
Mixture: 1:50
Carburettor: Dell’Orto SHB 16/10
Cooling: Air cooled with centrifugal fan
Battery: 1 x 6V – 9.5 Ah batteries
Induction: Rotary valve
Ignition: Flywheel magneto
Starting: Kick start
Spark Plug: Bosch W225 T1
Clutch: Oil bath, multi plate
Max Power: 2.7 kW / 3.7 Hp @ 7000 rpm
Transmission: 4 Speed, grip shift

Gear Ratios: 1st 26.88 / 2nd 17.74 / 3rd 12.78 / 4th 9.62:1
Final Drive: Direct drive
Frame: Pressed sheet steel with streamlined monocoque structure
Front Suspension: Trailing arm, coil spring, damper
Rear Suspension: Coil spring, damper
Front Brakes: 150 mm drum
Rear Brakes: 150 mm drum
Wheels: Pressed steel flanges, interchangeable
Front Tyre: 3 x 10″
Rear Tyre: 3 x 10″
Dimensions: Length: 1675 mm / 65.9 in Width: 700 mm / 27.6 in Height: 1070 mm / 42.0 in
Wheelbase: 1175 mm / 46.5 in
Ground clearance: 252 mm / 9.9 in
Dry Weight: 77 kg / 169.7 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 6.2 L / 1.6 US gal
Reserve: 1.2 L / 0.32 US gal
Consumption average: 3.5 L/100 km / 29 km/l / 68 US mpg
Top Speed: 70 km/h / 43.5 mph
Source:, Wikipedia, Vespa by Giorgio Sarti

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