CCM FT35s (2007)

CCM FT35s was introduced in 2007 as a limited edition motorcycle. This British bike was assembled with a 353cc four-stroke engine, which could generate 31 horsepower. The powerful engine is coupled with a lightweight frame and a long-travel suspension system which makes FT35s perfect for off-road terrains.

This motorcycle boasted a stylish body, featuring muscular fuel tanks with charcoal color and white stripes. The bike also featured a sleek bodywork with comfortable seats and a stylish headlight. The CCM FT35s also had a digital instrument panel featuring LCD displays for speedometer, tachometer, and other important information.

Apart from its stylish body, the FT35s also had excellent handling, thanks to its 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels with off-road tires. The bike’s advanced braking system featured a single disc brake on the front and rear wheels, which deliver great stopping power on any terrain.

This bike was only produced for a limited time, which makes it a rare find. The FT35s was built in small numbers, which makes it a rare and sought-after motorcycle for collectors and off-road enthusiasts. The bike’s heritage and superior performance make it a fantastic bike for anyone looking for a unique and exciting ride.

In summary, the CCM FT35s is a rare and limited edition off-road motorcycle that was introduced in 2007. It boasts a stylish and muscular body, a powerful four-stroke engine, and excellent suspension and braking systems. Its advanced handling and agility make it an excellent bike for off-road adventures. The FT35s is a rare and sought-after motorcycle for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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