BMW R1100S (2005-06)

The BMW R1100S motorcycle was produced from 1998 to 2006, with the final model year being 2005-06. Designed as a sport touring bike, it had a 1085 cc oil-cooled, two-cylinder boxer engine which produced up to 98 horsepower. It had plenty of power for both highway cruising and spirited cornering. The R1100S was also known for its innovative suspension system, which was designed to keep the bike stable while in motion.

One unique feature of the R1100S was the two-level cockpit, with the instruments placed on a separate panel above the handlebars. There was also a small fairing to protect the rider from wind and weather. The seat was relatively low, making it easy to reach the ground, and the riding position was generally comfortable. The bike had plenty of storage space, with both a large under-seat compartment and a top box available.

The BMW R1100S was a reliable and capable motorcycle, but it was not without its quirks. The fuel-injection system could be finicky, and the rear suspension was known to be somewhat harsh. Some riders complained about wind buffeting at higher speeds, and others found the bike to be a bit heavy and unwieldy. Despite these issues, the R1100S was generally well-regarded by riders and remains a sought-after bike on the used market.

Technical specifications:

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