BMW R1200C (2000-01)

The BMW R1200C is a unique cruiser-style motorcycle first produced in 1997, with particular popularity in the early 2000s. The iconic bike features a horizontally opposed (or “Boxer”) engine, which provides better balance and handling.

In 2000-01, BMW introduced some key updates to the R1200C. These included new paint color options, an improved braking system, and a revised exhaust system that reduced exhaust noise. Additionally, the transmission was tweaked to make it smoother and more responsive.

Riders of the R1200C praise its comfortable seat, smooth ride, and impressive storage capacity. The bike is known for its stable handling and nimble steering, despite its relatively large size.

Some critics have noted that the R1200C’s engine can produce a fair amount of vibration, particularly at high speeds. However, this aspect of the bike is not a significant hindrance to most riders.

Overall, the BMW R1200C is a well-regarded motorcycle with a distinctive look and feel. Its combination of comfort, handling, and storage capacity make it a great choice for riders who enjoy long trips or extended touring.

Technical specifications:

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