BMW R45 (1982-85)

The BMW R45 is a motorcycle model manufactured by BMW in 1982-1985. It is a smaller version of the BMW R65 and was produced during a time of economic crisis for the company. The R45 has a 473cc, air-cooled, twin-cylinder engine that produces 35 horsepower and there is a five-speed transmission. It is a lightweight bike and handles well, making it suitable for urban riding. However, it is not as comfortable for longer journeys as some other BMW models, due to its compact build. The R45 has a fuel capacity of 19 liters and a top speed of around 105 miles per hour. It also features drum brakes, which lack the stopping power of disc brakes found on newer models. Despite the limitations mentioned, the R45 is appreciated by many riders for its retro look and for being a reliable and simple bike to maintain. Many owners continue to hold onto their R45s as collector’s items, and some retro-style customizations have been made to the bikes over the years. The BMW R45 is part of the company’s heritage and is still considered a classic motorcycle model.

Technical specifications:

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