BMW G 310 R (2019)

The BMW G 310 R (2019) motorcycle is a compact road commuter bike, perfect for riding in urban environments. It features a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine and a six-speed transmission. The bike is lightweight, with a dry weight of only 158.5 kg, and has a low seat height of 785 mm to make it easy to handle in traffic.

The G 310 R has a sporty design, with a short wheelbase and an aggressive stance. The bike’s suspension includes a 41 mm inverted fork and a rear monoshock, providing a comfortable ride on various terrains. The bike is equipped with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, ensuring strong stopping power.

With a digital instrument cluster and LED headlights and taillights, the G 310 R is modern in terms of technology. It also has a variety of accessories available, including luggage options and engine protectors, making it customizable for individual riders.

One unique feature of the bike is the reverse-inclined engine design, which allows for a shorter wheelbase and centralized mass distribution. This provides the bike with more stability and maneuverability, even at high speeds.

Overall, the BMW G 310 R (2019) is a practical and fun choice for those seeking an efficient and stylish motorcycle for city commuting.

Technical specifications:

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