BMW G 310 R (2018)

The BMW G 310 R 2018 motorcycle is a powerful and sleek bike designed for both urban and long-distance driving. With a lightweight frame, it’s easy to maneuver in heavy traffic or tight spaces. The 313cc engine provides ample power for cruising on the highway, while the ABS braking system ensures reliable stopping power in any conditions.

The G 310 R’s adjustable suspension allows riders to tweak their ride to their liking, whether they prefer a more comfortable or sporty feel. The LCD display provides all relevant information, including speed, fuel level, and gear position, while the LED lighting system ensures visibility no matter the time of day.

The bike also comes with a range of optional accessories, including panniers and a top case for increased storage. The BMW Motorrad Connectivity System allows riders to connect their smartphone to the bike’s display, providing access to navigation and music while on the road.

Overall, the BMW G 310 R is an excellent choice for riders who want a stylish, versatile motorcycle with reliable performance on both short and long rides. With its combination of power, agility, and comfort, it is an ideal bike for city commuting or touring.

Technical specifications:

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