Yamaah DT250 (1973)

The Yamaha DT250 is a motorcycle produced by Yamaha in 1973. It was part of Yamaha’s DT series and was designed for off-road use. The bike featured a 246cc two-stroke engine that produced 23 horsepower and was paired with a five-speed transmission.

The DT250 had a top speed of around 75 mph and weighed approximately 290 pounds. It had a sturdy frame and suspension system that made it ideal for rough terrain. The bike’s large front and rear tires provided ample traction and the long-travel suspension made it a comfortable ride.

The Yamaha DT250 was equipped with a variety of features that made it popular with riders. It had a reliable electric starter, a generous fuel tank, and a comfortable seat. The bike also came with a headlight and taillight, making it street-legal.

The DT250 was known for its durability and reliability, and many riders used it for both off-road and street riding. The bike’s simple design and lightweight frame made it easy to maintain and repair, and many DT250s are still in use today.

Overall, the Yamaha DT250 was a reliable and versatile motorcycle that was popular in the 1970s. Its robust design and off-road capabilities made it a favorite among riders, and its simple design and ease of maintenance have allowed it to remain a popular choice for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

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