Velocette GTP (1930-46)

The Velocette GTP motorcycle was produced from 1930 to 1946 with a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine and a capacity of 249 cc. The bike had a compression ratio of 6.5:1 and was air-cooled. The carburetor was an Amal with twist grip control and the exhaust had one into two, chrome plated silencers with fish tail mufflers. The ignition was a coil in conjunction with Miller and had a kick start. The clutch was wet multi-plate and the transmission had three speeds for early models and four speeds for later models, with a foot-operated system. The Velocette GTP had a chain final drive and a wheelbase of 1270 mm, 686 mm seat height, and ground clearance of 140 mm. The front suspension was a Webb fork with shock absorber and steering damper and the rear suspension was a spring-loaded seat. The front and the rear brakes were both 6 in. drum with an internal expanding mechanism. The wheels were made of spokes and the tires were 3 x 25 in. Avon brand. The fuel capacity was 6.6 L and this classic bike weighed 101 kg with the light set included. The Velocette GTP was colored black with gold pin striping.

Technical specifications:

Make Model: Velocette GTP

Year: 1930 – 46

Engine: Two-stroke, Single cylinder
Capacity: 249 cc / 15.2 cub in
Bore x Stroke: 63 x 80 mm
Compression Ratio: 6.5:1
Cooling System: Air cooled
Lubrication: Dry sump
Carburetor: Amal, twist grip control
Exhaust: 1-into-2, chrome plated silencers with fish tail mufflers
Ignition: Coil in conjunction with Miller
Starting: Kick start
Clutch: Wet multi-plate
Transmission: Early models: 3 Speed, hand operated Later models: 4 Speed, foot operated
Final Drive: Chain
Gear Ratios (3-speed): 1st 13.5 / 2nd 7.7 / 3rd 5.33:1
Wheelbase: 1270 mm / 50 in

Seat height: 686 mm / 27 in
Ground Clearance: 140 mm / 5.5 in
Front Suspension: Webb fork with shock absorber and steering damper
Rear Suspension: None, spring loaded seat
Front Brakes: 6 in. drum, internal expanding
Rear Brakes: 6 in. drum, internal expanding
Wheels: Spokes
Front Tyre: 3 x 25 in., Avon
Rear Tyre: 3 x 25 in., Avon
Fuel Capacity: 6.6 L / 1.75 US gal
Dry Weight: 101 kg / 222 lbs (light set included)
Colours: Black with gold pin striping
Source: Wikipedia, Bohams

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