BSA MC1 (1952)

The BSA MC1 (1952) motorcycle was a military motorcycle specifically designed for use in desert conditions. It was built with a rigid frame that could handle the harsh environment and a 500cc engine that was capable of producing 25 horsepower. The bike was also equipped with a telescopic front suspension and a rear swingarm suspension, which made it more comfortable to ride in rough terrain.

The MC1 was used by the British Army during the Korean War and was known for its reliability and durability in extreme conditions. It was also used in other parts of the world, including the Middle East and Africa, for various military and police operations.

One notable feature of the MC1 was its shaft-drive system, which eliminated the need for a chain and made the bike easier to maintain. Another unique feature was the “desert kit,” which included a sand filter and a special carburetor that was designed to prevent the engine from stalling in sandy conditions.

Despite being designed for military use, the MC1 was also popular with civilians who used it for off-road riding and racing. It was considered a powerful and versatile bike that could handle a variety of terrains.

Today, the BSA MC1 is a rare find and is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Its place in military history and its unique features make it a valuable piece of motorcycle history.

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