BSA Vintage Models (1968-71)

The BSA Vintage Models from 1968-71 consisted of various motorcycles with different engine sizes, ranging from the 175cc BSA A to the 770cc BSA E. Other models include the 249cc BSA B de Luxe and B29, the 441cc BSA G29, the 557cc BSA Flat Tank, H, H25, K, and L, the 350cc BSA 350 SV, and the 493cc BSA S26, S27, and S31 Sloper. These motorcycles were produced by the British motorcycle manufacturer BSA during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Technical specifications:

BSA Vintage Models (1968-71) – motorcycle specifications

Make Model: BSA A

BSA A28: 175 cc

BSA B de Luxe: 249 cc
BSA E: 770 cc
BSA Flat Tank: 557 cc
BSA G29: 441 cc
BSA H: 557 cc
BSA H25: 557 cc
BSA K: 557 cc
BSA L: 349 cc
BSA 350 SV: 350 cc
BSA S26: 493 cc
BSA S27: 493 cc
BSA B29: 249 cc
BSA S31 Sloper: 493 cc

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