BSA B de Luxe (1927)

The BSA B 250 De Luxe is a motorcycle model that was produced in 1927. It has a four-stroke engine with a single cylinder and side valve. The bike has a capacity of 249 cc and measures 15.2 cubic inches. The bore and stroke are 63 x 80 mm, and the exhaust is a single, stainless steel unit. Ignition is provided by a magneto and the battery is a 6V unit. The bike starts with a slip-on kick starter and has a maximum power output of 1.83 kW or 2.49 hp. The transmission is a two-speed unit, and the final drive is via chain. The bike’s seat height is upwards adjustable from 711 mm or 28 inches in its lowest setting. The front suspension is a single spring girder fork, and there is no rear suspension, but the saddle is spring-loaded. The front and rear tyres are both 2.25 x 24 in size, and the front brakes are absent while the rear brakes are hand lever and foot-activated, working independently on the rear wheel’s dummy rim. The BSA B 250 De Luxe is colored with a green tank and black frame. Source:

Technical specifications:

Make Model: BSA B 250 De Luxe

Year: 1927

Engine: Four stroke , single cylinder, side valve
Capacity: 249 cc / 15.2 cub in
Bore and Stroke: 63 x 80 mm
Exhaust: Single, stainless steel
Ignition: Magneto
Battery: 6V
Starting: Slip on kick starter
Max Power: 1.83 kW / 2.49 hp
Transmission: 2-Speed
Final Drive: Chain
Seat height: Upwards adjustable from 711 mm / 28 in. lowest setting
Front Suspension: Single spring girder fork
Rear Suspension: None, spring loaded saddle
Front Tyre: 2.25 x 24
Rear Tyre: 2.25 x 24

Front Brakes: None
Rear Brakes: Hand lever and foot pedal woking independently on rear wheel dummy rim
Colour: Green tank/black frame

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