BSA B50SS, T & MX (1971-73)

The BSA B50SS, T & MX (1971-73) motorcycle was a popular bike during its time. It came in three different versions: street scrambler (SS), trail (T), and motocross (MX). The B50SS had a 499cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, while the T and MX had a 441cc version. The bikes had a top speed of around 90mph.

The B50SS was known for its excellent handling and braking, as well as its smooth ride. It was well-suited for both on and off-road riding. The T and MX models were designed specifically for off-road use and had more off-road features, such as a skid plate, high-mounted exhaust pipe, and a larger rear sprocket.

The B50SS, T & MX were built during a time when British motorcycle manufacturers were struggling to compete with newer, more modern models from Japanese manufacturers. These bikes were an attempt by BSA to capture a share of the off-road market, which was becoming increasingly popular.

Despite their popularity, the B50SS, T & MX were not without their problems. The main issue was the engine, which was prone to overheating and oil leaks. Many bikers also found that the electrics were unreliable, causing problems with the lights and ignition.

Overall, the BSA B50SS, T & MX (1971-73) motorcycle was a well-built and versatile bike that was popular during its time. Its off-road capabilities and smooth ride made it a favorite among bikers, although it did have some reliability issues. Today, the B50SS, T & MX remain popular among collectors and enthusiasts.

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