BMW R67/2 (1952-54)

The BMW R67/2 is a vintage motorcycle produced by BMW from 1952 to 1954. It was one of the most popular models during its production period, and it remains a sought-after classic motorcycle today. This model features a boxer twin engine, which means that the pistons move horizontally in opposite directions rather than up and down, resulting in a unique engine sound.

The bike has a classic look, with a black and silver paint scheme and a single, large headlight. Its top speed is around 90 miles per hour, and it has a four-speed transmission with a hand-shift mechanism. Other notable features include an enclosed drive shaft, which improves stability, and a front suspension system that provides a smooth ride.

The R67/2 was a popular choice for long-distance touring due to its reliability and durability. It was also used by the German police for highway patrolling. Today, it is a beloved vintage motorcycle for collectors and enthusiasts alike. However, finding a well-maintained R67/2 can be difficult, as most of them have been extensively restored.

Overall, the BMW R67/2 is a classic motorcycle that represents a significant era of BMW’s engineering history. It embodies the style and performance of the time at which it was produced and remains a true gem among collectors and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Technical specifications:

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