BMW R66 (1938-41)

The BMW R66 is a classic motorcycle that was produced by the German automotive company between 1938 and 1941. It was a luxury version of the R61 and was designed for long distance touring. The R66 had a unique suspension system that provided a comfortable ride and a distinctive appearance. The bike was powered by a 600cc horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine that produced 30 horsepower, which allowed it to reach a top speed of 87 mph.

During World War II, the R66 was used extensively by the German military due to its durability and reliability. After the war, many of the surviving BMW R66s were used by civilians for transportation and racing. Today, the motorcycle is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts because of its historical significance and unique design.

The R66 was known for its advanced engineering that included a rear suspension system with plungers instead of shock absorbers. This design provided a smooth ride on rough roads and made the bike a popular choice for long-distance touring. The bike also had a large fuel tank, which allowed it to travel long distances without requiring frequent stops.

The BMW R66 was a significant innovation in motorcycle design and manufacturing. Its advanced engineering and unique features made it a popular choice among riders during its production years and has since become a prized possession for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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