BMW R61 (1938-41)

The BMW R61 motorcycle was a classic model produced by the German automaker from 1938-1941. In terms of design, the R61 was built with a unique frame that allowed for easy maneuverability and increased speed. It was powered by a 600cc, 4-stroke engine that generated a maximum power output of 27 horsepower. The R61 was equipped with several unique features for its time, including a hydraulic front brake that increased stopping power and a fork suspension that provided a smoother ride.

The R61 was also designed with durability in mind. It featured a sturdy, steel construction that was built to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Additionally, the motorcycle was equipped with a durable, rubberized chain that reduced noise and improved performance.

Overall, the R61 was a popular model among motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors alike. Its unique design, powerful engine, and durable construction made it a standout during its time. While the R61 is no longer in production, it remains a highly sought-after model among motorcycle collectors worldwide.

Technical specifications:

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