BMW R100 (1980-81)

The BMW R100 (1980-81) motorcycle is a classic bike known for its reliability and performance. It was initially designed for police and emergency services but became popular among consumers as well. The air-cooled, two-cylinder engine made 70 horsepower and had a top speed of 110 mph. The motorcycle had features such as shaft drive, disc brakes, and a comfortable seating position. The fuel tank held five gallons and would get around 50 miles per gallon.

One unique aspect of the BMW R100 was the key operations. There were two separate keys, one for the ignition and one for the fuel tank. This was to prevent people from stealing gas from the bike. The R100 also had a “toaster” tank cover that could be removed to serve as a handy flat surface for tools or items.

Despite being produced over 40 years ago, parts for the R100 are still readily available and affordable. The bike’s longevity is a testament to its quality and durability. Many R100 owners customize their bikes with aftermarket parts, but even in its stock form, the motorcycle is a classic beauty.

Overall, the BMW R100 is a reliable and classic motorcycle that has stood the test of time. Its unique features, such as the dual keys and toaster tank cover, add to its charm. Whether kept in its original form or customized, the R100 is a beloved motorcycle among its owners and continues to be a sought-after vintage bike.

Technical specifications:

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