BMW K1200 GT (2003-04)

The BMW K1200 GT (2003-04) is a sport touring motorcycle with a 1200cc engine that can produce 152 horsepower. It has a comfortable riding position with fairing and windscreen to protect the rider from wind and weather. The suspension and brakes are also top-notch, making for a smooth and safe ride. The bike also includes features such as a hydraulic center stand, heated grips, and electronically adjustable suspension. The storage capacity is also impressive, with saddlebags and a top case offering a total of 110 liters of storage space. The bike’s electronics include ABS, cruise control, and an optional GPS navigation system. It also has a responsive throttle, making it easy to overtake other vehicles on the road. The only drawback is its weight, which makes it hard to maneuver at low speeds. Overall, the BMW K1200 GT is an excellent choice for riders who want a comfortable, powerful, and feature-packed touring motorcycle.

Technical specifications:

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