BMW G450X (2009)

The BMW G450X is a motocross/enduro bike that was released in 2009. It has a fuel-injected 450cc single-cylinder engine that produces 50 horsepower and 33 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mounted in a lightweight frame that is made of aluminum, and the bike has a dry weight of 113 kg. The suspension is provided by a fully adjustable Sachs unit that has 300 mm of travel in the front and 320 mm in the rear. The bike also has a hydraulic clutch and a six-speed transmission.

The G450X is known for its agility and off-road capabilities, including its ability to handle steep descents and tight turns. It also has a high ground clearance and a skid plate to protect the engine and other components from damage.

Other features of the G450X include a digital instrument panel, LED taillights, and a 7-liter fuel tank. It also has a number of optional accessories, such as a quickshifter, handguards, and a taller seat.

Unfortunately, the G450X was only produced for a few years and is now discontinued. However, there are still plenty of used models available for purchase. The G450X is a great choice for anyone looking for a capable off-road bike that is also street legal. It may not be the most powerful or feature-packed bike on the market, but it gets the job done and has a loyal following among BMW enthusiasts.

Technical specifications:

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