BMW C 600 Sport (2012-13)

The BMW C 600 Sport is a motorcycle model from 2012-13 with a four stroke, twin-cylinder, DOHC, 4 Valves per cylinder engine with a valve intake/exhaust of 31.5/27.1 mm and a capacity of 647 cc/38.5 cub in. It has a compression ratio of 11.6:1 and is cooled by liquid. The motorcycle uses fuel injection BMS-E and has a 38mm throttle valve with regular lead-free fuel (95 RON). The maximum power is 44 kW/60 hp at 7500 rpm and the maximum torque is 66Nm/6.7 kgf-m/48.7 lb-ft. at 6000 rpm. The transmission is a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and the drive is a chain in an oil bath, with a primary ratio of 1.06:1. The frame is steel tube construction with aluminum die-cast unit with a castor of 92mm/3.6 in and a rake of 25.4 degrees. The front suspension uses System Upside down fork 40 mm/1.6 in with a front wheel travel of 115mm/4.5 in, while the rear suspension has a System Cast single swingarm with a rear wheel travel of 115mm/4.5 in. The front brakes are 2x 270mm discs with a 2 piston caliper, and there is the option of BMW Motorrad Integral ABS. The rear brakes are a single 270mm disc with a 2 piston caliper and standard BMW Motorrad ABS. The wheels are aluminum cast with a front rim of 3.50 x 15″ and rear rim of 4.50 x 15″. It uses a front tire of 120/70 R15 and a rear tire of 160/60 R15. The dimensions of the motorcycle are Length 2155mm/84.8 in, Width 877mm / 34.5 in (incl. mirrors), and Height 1378mm/54.3 in (excl. mirrors), with a Wheel Base of 1591mm/62.6 in and a Seat Height of 810mm/31.9 in. The dry weight is 237kg/522lbs and the wet weight is 249kg/549lbs. The fuel capacity is 16 Litres/4.2 US gal.

Technical specifications:

Make Model: BMW C 600 Sport

Year: 2012 – 13

Engine: Four stroke, twin-cylinder, DOHC, 4 Valves per cylinder
Valve Intake / exhaust: 31.5 / 27.1 mm
Capacity: 647 cc / 38.5 cub in.
Bore x Stroke: 79 x 66 mm
Compression Ratio: 11.6:1
Cooling: Liquid
Induction: Fuel injection BMS-E, 38mm Throttle valve
Fuel: Regular lead free (95 RON)
Starting: Electric
Clutch: Centrifugal clutch
Max Power: 44 kW / 60 hp @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque: 66 Nm / 6.7 kgf-m / 48.7 lb-ft. @ 6000 rpm
Transmission: CVT (continuously variable transmission)
Drive: Chain in oil bath
Primary Ratio: 1.06:1

Frame: Steel tube construction with aluminium die cast unit
Castor: 92 mm / 3.6 in.
Rake: 25.4 degrees
Front Suspension: System Upside down fork 40 mm / 1.6 in.
Front Wheel Travel: 115mm / 4.5 in.
Rear Suspension: System Cast single swingarm.
Rear Wheel Travel: 115mm / 4.5 in.
Front Brakes: 2x 270mm discs 2 piston caliper, Optional: BMW Motorrad Integral ABS
Rear Brakes: Single 270mm disc 2 piston caliper, ABS BMW Motorrad ABS (standard)
Wheels: Aluminium cast
Front Rim: 3.50 x 15″
Rear Rim: 4.50 x 15″
Front Tyre: 120/70 R15
Rear Tyre: 160/60 R15
Dimensions: Length 2155mm / 84.8 in. Width 877mm / 34.5 in (incl. mirrors) Height 1378mm / 54.3 in (excl. mirrors)
Wheel Base: 1591 mm / 62.6 in.
Seat Height: 810 mm / 31.9 in.
Dry Weight: 237 kg / 522 lbs.
Wet Weight: 249 kg / 549 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 16 Litres / 4.2 US gal.

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