ATK 605 (1992-94)

The ATK 605 motorcycle was produced between 1992 and 1994. It was a unique dirt bike with an uncommon design and was marketed as a high-performance off-road machine.

The bike was powered by a liquid-cooled, 600cc engine with a six-speed transmission. The engine produced impressive power and was capable of reaching high speeds.

The ATK 605 had a distinctive look with a trellis frame that resembled a modern sports bike. It also had an unusual front suspension setup that used dual leading-shoe brakes. This design was intended to provide better front-end traction and handling.

Although the ATK 605 was marketed as an off-road machine, it was also capable of being used on the street. It had a headlight, tail light, and turn signals, as well as a street-legal exhaust system.

The bike had mixed reviews during its production, with some riders praising its power and handling, while others criticized its design and reliability issues.

Today, the ATK 605 has developed a cult following among dirt bike enthusiasts and collectors. The unique design and high-performance capabilities have made it a sought-after machine.

Overall, the ATK 605 was an innovative and unconventional motorcycle that left a lasting impression on the dirt bike community.

Technical specifications:

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