NSU 8 Hp (1921-27)

The NSU 8 Hp was a German motorcycle produced from 1921 to 1927. It had an 800cc side-valve engine that was capable of producing 8 horsepower. The bike had a maximum speed of around 55 mph and a fuel consumption of approximately 50 mpg.

The NSU 8 Hp was a sturdy and reliable bike that was used for both commuting and touring. It had a comfortable ride and was known for its durability, which made it a popular choice among riders at the time. The motorcycle also had a clean, streamlined design that was ahead of its time, featuring a low-slung frame, large fuel tank, and minimalistic fenders.

Despite its popularity, the NSU 8 Hp was eventually phased out due to the rise of more powerful motorcycles that could go faster and handle more challenging terrains. Today, the NSU 8 Hp remains a rare and sought-after collector’s item among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Overall, the NSU 8 Hp was a significant contribution to the world of motorcycles and is still recognized as an important part of German engineering history.

Technical specifications:

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