KTM 400 LC4 EGS (1994-96)

The KTM 400 LC4 EGS was one of the most well-rounded enduro bikes of the 1990s. It was a versatile motorcycle that excelled in several areas, including power, handling, and suspension. The bike was designed with a strong, lightweight frame and a powerful liquid-cooled engine that could generate up to 40 horsepower. The engine used a 4-stroke design with a single overhead camshaft, and it had a reputation for reliability and durability.

The KTM 400 LC4 EGS was intended for off-road use, and it had a number of features that made it well-suited for this purpose. The bike had a high ground clearance, long-travel suspension, and a wide footpeg platform that allowed riders to easily navigate over rough terrain. The bike’s large fuel tank provided ample range, and the ergonomic seat and handlebars made it comfortable to ride for extended periods of time.

Some of the standout features of the KTM 400 LC4 EGS included its adjustable suspension, which allowed riders to fine-tune the bike’s performance to their individual preferences. The bike also had a heavy-duty clutch and clutch basket, which made it well-suited for heavy use in extreme conditions. Additionally, the bike had a number of lightweight components that helped to reduce its overall weight and improve its performance, such as the aluminum swingarm and lightweight exhaust system.

Overall, the KTM 400 LC4 EGS was a highly capable enduro bike that was well-regarded by enthusiasts and critics alike. Its combination of power, handling, and durability made it a popular choice for riders who wanted a versatile motorcycle that could handle a variety of terrain and conditions.

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