KTM 400 EXC (2002-08)

The KTM 400 EXC is a popular dirt bike that was manufactured between 2002-2008. It is known for its impressive power and agility, making it a preferred choice of riders who want both speed and control. It’s a lightweight bike, but tough enough to handle difficult terrain and rough conditions. The bike also features an electric starter, making it easy to start and operate.

The KTM 400 EXC has adjustable suspension, allowing riders to customize ride height and stiffness to their preferences. The bike also has a rear suspension linkage system that prevents the rear wheel from skidding on rough terrain. Additionally, the bike has impressive fuel efficiency, meaning riders can cover more distance on less fuel.

The KTM 400 EXC has a four-stroke engine, which provides the bike with a high level of torque, making it easy for riders to navigate steep inclines and climbs. The bike has a six-speed transmission, allowing for smooth and consistent shifting. The bike’s hydraulic clutch is responsive and easy to control.

Overall, the KTM 400 EXC is a versatile and powerful dirt bike that is perfect for riders who want to explore challenging terrain. Its lightweight construction and electric starter make it easy to use, while its customizable suspension allows riders to adjust to their preferences. It’s a popular choice for dirt bike enthusiasts who want speed, control, and durability.

Technical specifications:

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