BMW R51 (1938-40)

The BMW R51 is a historic motorcycle model produced from 1938 to 1940 by the German manufacturer BMW. This model was an advancement from the previous R5 model and introduced several enhancements. The R51 featured a new telescopic front fork, swinging arm rear suspension, and hydraulic brakes. The engine had a displacement of 494 cc and produced 24 horsepower.

During World War II, the R51 was primarily used by the German military, and production of this model was halted in 1940, as BMW began producing military vehicles instead.

The R51 was also popular among civilian riders and was considered a high-end motorcycle at the time. The motorcycle’s design was unique and stood out with its innovative advancements. The R51 was also known for its reliability and durability, making it a popular choice for long-distance riders.

After the war, production of the R51 resumed, and the motorcycle became a symbol of BMW’s post-war resurgence. The R51 continued to be produced until 1951, when it was replaced by the R51/3 model.

Today, the BMW R51 is recognized as a significant model in the history of motorcycles and has become a collector’s item. Its innovative advancements paved the way for future motorcycle designs, and the endurance of its design is a testament to BMW’s engineering expertise.

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