CR&S Vun ppb (2014)

CR&S Vun ppb (2014) is a motorcycle that showcases the latest technology and design. The body of the motorcycle is made of carbon fiber, which gives it a lightweight and sleek appearance. The bike is powered by a V-twin engine with a 1570cc displacement that produces 122 horsepower and 130 Nm of torque. It also features a five-speed manual transmission with a chain drive.

The suspension of the motorcycle is fully adjustable for both the front and rear, allowing for a custom ride experience. The front suspension is a 48mm upside-down fork with 120mm of travel, while the rear suspension is a monoshock with 130mm of travel. The motorcycle also features Brembo brakes, with twin 320mm discs on the front and a single 220mm disc on the rear.

The Vun ppb (2014) includes several advanced features, such as a digital display, LED lights, and an advanced traction control system. The motorcycle also features a unique fuel tank, which is integrated into the frame and has a capacity of 16 liters.

The Vun ppb (2014) is designed for both performance and style. It is a highly customized motorcycle that is hand-built to order, with a range of customization options available for customers. The motorcycle comes in several colors, including black, silver, white, and red.

Overall, the CR&S Vun ppb (2014) is an impressive motorcycle that combines advanced technology and stylish design. It is a high-performance bike that is designed for enthusiasts who appreciate quality and customization.

Technical specifications:

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