BMW R23 (1938-40)

The BMW R23 was a motorcycle manufactured by BMW between 1938 and 1940. It is considered to be one of the most unique and historic motorcycles produced by BMW.

The R23 was equipped with a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that produced 13 horsepower. It had a top speed of 75 mph and a range of approximately 180 miles. The bike weighed 285 pounds and had telescopic front suspension and a rigid rear suspension.

One of the most significant features of the R23 was its enclosed drive shaft, which provided a smooth and reliable power transfer from the engine to the rear wheel. This design was a departure from the exposed chain drive that was commonly used on motorcycles at the time.

The R23 was also notable for its sleek and streamlined design, which incorporated a fully enclosed fuel tank and fenders. This design was influenced by the art deco style that was popular in the 1930s.

Despite its advanced features and unique design, the R23 was not a commercial success. Production was halted in 1940 due to the outbreak of World War II.

Today, the BMW R23 is a highly sought-after collector’s item among vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. Its advanced design and historical significance have made it a valuable piece of motorcycle history.

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