BMW F 700 GS (2014)

The BMW F 700 GS (2014) motorcycle was designed for optimal performance on and off-road. It is equipped with a near 800cc engine and a low seat height for easy handling. The bike is lightweight, making it perfect for long journeys, with an impressive fuel economy of up to 74 miles per gallon. The bike also features diverse customization options and superior braking technology, providing a safe and customizable riding experience for riders of all levels. Additionally, the F 700 GS (2014) has a comfortable and adjustable seat height, perfect for riders with varying leg lengths. The bike is also equipped with anti-lock brakes and several driving modes, allowing for a fully customizable ride experience. The bike has been designed with advanced technology, including an on-board computer that accurately measures speed, fuel consumption, and the bike’s overall performance. The F 700 GS (2014) also includes a front and rear suspension system capable of smooth riding on both highways and rough terrains. Overall, the BMW F 700 GS (2014) motorcycle is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile, customizable, and performance-optimized motorbike.

Technical specifications:

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