Gas Gas EC 300 (2010-12)

The Gas Gas EC 300 was a popular off-road motorcycle model produced between 2010 and 2012. It was known for its high-quality construction and powerful engine, making it a top choice for both amateur and professional riders alike. The bike featured a two-stroke engine that delivered plenty of torque and power for tackling tough terrain. The suspension was also well-regarded, with adjustable settings that allowed riders to customize the bike’s handling to suit their preferences. Other notable features of the Gas Gas EC 300 included a lightweight frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and a comfortable seat that provided ample support during long rides. Overall, the Gas Gas EC 300 was a reliable and capable motorcycle that provided plenty of performance and value for its price point. While newer models have since been released, the EC 300 remains a favorite among many off-road enthusiasts who appreciate its combination of power, agility, and durability.

Technical specifications:

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