KTM RC200 (2014-15)

The KTM RC200 (2014-15) motorcycle boasts a powerful 199.5cc engine capable of producing 25 horsepower and 19.2 Nm of torque. The bike’s lightweight and agile design make it easy to handle, and the addition of fast and efficient braking systems works to enhance the rider’s overall experience.

The bike also comes equipped with high-grade suspension systems and excellent shock absorbers, ensuring smooth and comfortable rides even on rough terrains. The KTM RC200 (2014-15) motorcycle’s impressive acceleration and top speed make it a perfect choice for riders looking to engage in high-speed riding adventures.

The bike’s aerodynamic body and streamlined design also contribute to its speed and agility, making it a formidable competitor on the road. Its attractive styling is further enhanced by the inclusion of advanced features such as a full-LED headlight and a digital display console.

Overall, the KTM RC200 (2014-15) motorcycle is a highly-recommended option for riders seeking a combination of performance, style, and stability in a bike. Its impressive speed and handling combined with its sleek design make it a highly sought-after model among bikers, especially those who love to take their bikes out for high-speed rides.

Technical specifications:

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