KTM 500 K4 (1982-85)

The KTM 500 K4 was a championship-winning motocross motorcycle produced by the Austrian manufacturer from 1982 to 1985. Powered by a liquid-cooled, 495cc engine, the K4 was renowned for its durability and speed. It featured a single-cylinder, two-stroke design and a five-speed transmission. The KTM 500 K4 was a popular choice among professional motocross racers, and it found success at multiple competitions across Europe and North America. Its lightweight frame and suspension made it particularly well-suited for the rough terrain and jumps of motocross tracks. Despite its age, the KTM 500 K4 remains a sought-after vintage motocross bike for collectors and enthusiasts. It is known for its distinctive orange and black color scheme and its high performance. Some riders have even modified the K4 for modern competition, installing new exhausts and other updated components. Overall, the KTM 500 K4 represents a significant chapter in the history of KTM motocross bikes and continues to inspire riders decades later.

Technical specifications:

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