Maico Mobil (1950-58)

The Maico Mobil was a motorcycle produced from 1950 to 1958. It was equipped with a single cylinder, two stroke engine and came in three different capacities ranging from 149 cc to 197 cc. The cooling system consisted of air cooling, and the oil/fuel mixture was 1:24. It had a single exhaust and was equipped with a Bing carburetor. The bike was started by a kick start mechanism and had a maximum power output of 8.1 kW/11 hp at 5000 rpm for the 200 cc model. The clutch was a wet, cable operated system, and it had a 4-speed transmission with a chain final drive. The frame was a tubular space frame with bolted steel and aluminium body panels. The front suspension was a telescopic fork with a steering damper while the rear suspension was a swingarm with coil springs and dampers. The front and rear brakes were drum brakes with a size of 6.5 in and 5 or 6 in respectively. The wheels were made of steel and had a tyre size of 3.00 x 14 in for both the front and rear tyres. The fuel capacity of the bike fuel was 9.5 L/2.5 US gal, and it was available in a pale green color.

Technische Daten:

Make Model: Maico Mobil

Year: 1950 – 58

Motor: Einzylinder, Zweitakt
Capacity: 149 cc / 9.1 cub in. 174 cc / 10.6 cub in. 197 cc / 12.0cub in.
Cooling System: Air cooling
Oil/Fuel Mixture: 1:24
Auspuff: Einfach
Fuel System: Bing carburetor
Starten: Kickstart
Max Power: 200 cc: 8.1 kW / 11 hp @ 5000 rpm
Kupplung: Nass, seilbetätigt
Getriebe: 4-Gang
Endantrieb: Kette
Frame: Tubular space frame with bolted steel and aluminium body panels
Front Suspension: Telescopic fork, steering damper
Rear Suspension: Swingarm with coil springs and dampers
Front Brakes: Drum, 6.5 in

Rear Brakes: Drum, 5 or 6 in.
Wheels: Steel
Front Tyre: 3.00 x 14 in.
Rear Tyre: 3.00 x 14 in.
Kraftstoffkapazität: 9,5 l / 2,5 US gal
Colours: Pale green
Quelle: Wikipedia

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