Yamaha XJR 1300 (2002-04)

The Yamaha XJR 1300 was produced from 2002-2004 and has a four-stroke, transverse four cylinder engine with a capacity of 1251cc. The compression ratio is 9.7:1 and it has a wet sump lubrication system with an oil capacity of 4.2 litres. The exhaust is a 4-2-1 matte black system and the induction uses four BS36 Mikuni carburetors with digital TCI ignition. It has a maximum power output of 106hp at 8000rpm and a maximum torque of 98Nm at 6500rpm. The transmission is a five-speed with a wet, multiple-disc coil spring clutch and a chain final drive. The frame is a steel double cradle with telescopic fork front suspension and swingarm ~AHLINS coil spring/gas-oil damper rear suspension. The front brakes have two 298mm discs and a 4 piston caliper, while the rear brake is a single 245mm disc with a 2 piston caliper. The front tire is a 120/70-ZR17 and the rear tire is a 180/55-ZR17. The dimensions of the bike are a height of 1115mm, length of 2175mm, and width of 765mm with a wheelbase of 1500mm. The seat height is 820mm with a ground clearance of 132mm. The dry weight is 222kg and wet weight is 240kg with a fuel capacity of 21 litres. The average consumption is 15.1km/lit with a standing quarter-mile time of 10.6 seconds and a top speed of 257.9km/h.

Technische Daten:

Make Model: Yamaha XJR 1300

Jahr: 2002 - 04

Motor: Viertakt, querliegender Vierzylinder, DOHC, 4 Ventile pro Zylinder
Capacity: 1251 cc / 76.34 cu-in
Bore x Stroke: 79 x 63.8 mm
Kühlsystem: Luftgekühlt
Verdichtungsverhältnis: 9,7:1
Schmierung: Nasssumpf
Oil capacity: 4.2 Litres / 0.28 qu
Exhaust: 4-2-1 matt black
Induction: 4 x BS36 Mikuni carburetors
Zündung: Digital TCI
Anfahren: Elektrisch
Max Power: 106 hp / 77.3 kW @ 8000 rpm
Max Torque: 98 Nm / 72.3 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm
Kupplung: Nass, Mehrscheiben-Schraubenfeder
Getriebe: 5-Gang

Endantrieb: Kette
Rahmen: Stahl-Doppelwippe
Front Suspension: Telescopic fork, Coil spring/oil damper
Federweg Vorderrad: 130 mm / 5.1 in
Rear Suspension: Swingarm, ~AHLINS Coil spring/gas-oil damper
Hinterradfederweg: 120 mm / 4.7 in
Front Brakes: 2x 298mm discs 4 piston caliper
Hintere Bremsen: Einzelne 245-mm-Scheibe 2-Kolben-Bremssattel
Vordere Bereifung: 120/70 -ZR17
Hinterreifen: 180/55-ZR17
Spanwinkel: 25,0 Grad
Spur: 100 mm / 3.9 in
Dimensions: Height 1115 mm / 43.9 in Length 2175 mm / 85.6 in Width 765 mm / 30.1 in
Radstand: 1500 mm / 59.0 in
Ground Clearance: 132 mm / 5.2 in
Sitzhöhe: 820 mm / 32.2 in
Trockengewicht: 222 kg / 489 lbs
Nassgewicht: 240 kg / 529 lbs
Kraftstoffkapazität: 21 Liter / 5.5 US gal
Verbrauch Durchschnitt: 15,1 km/Liter

Stehende 1/4 Meile: 10,6 sec
Top Speed: 257.9 km/h / 160.2 mph

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