Vespa 150 S & P150X (1978-90)

The Vespa P150S/P150X motorcycle was produced from 1978 to 1990. It has a 149cc, two-stroke single cylinder engine with a compression of 8.2:1 and a Dell’Orto SI 20/20 D carburetor. The motorcycle is air cooled, forced and runs on a 1:50 fuel mixture. The ignition is via contact breaker and coil, with a kick start and 12V battery. The clutch is a wet, multiplate and the transmission is a 4 speed, grip-shift, constant mesh. The frame is pressed sheet steel and has a streamlined monocoque structure. The front suspension is a trail arm with a coil spring and damper, while the rear suspension is a coil spring with damper. The front and rear brakes are 125mm and 127mm drums respectively. The wheels are interchangeable with a front and rear tire size of 3.5 x 8 inches. The motorcycle has a length of 1740mm, width of 670mm, and a wheelbase of 1200mm. The dry weight is 98kg and it has a fuel capacity of 7.5L. The motorcycle has an average consumption of 2.1L/100km and an acceleration of 0-75km/h in 17.5 seconds. The top speed is 90km/h and it comes in blue, blue/green, silver, and white colours. Sources for this information include Wikipedia,, and

Technische Daten:

Make Model: Vespa P150S / P150X

Year: 1978 – 90

Engine: Two stroke single cylinder,
Capacity: 149 cc / 9.1 cub in
Bore x Stroke: 57.8 x 57 mm
Compression: 8.2:1
Carburetor: Dell’Orto SI 20/20 D
Kühlung: Luftgekühlt, forciert
Kraftstoffgemisch: 1:50
Ignition: Contact breaker and coil
Starten: Kickstart
Batterie: 12V
Kupplung: Nass, Mehrscheibenkupplung
Max Power: 5.5 kW / 7.5 hp @ 5750 rpm
Getriebe: 4-Gang, Grip-Shift, konstanter Eingriff
Gear Ratios: 1st 14.47 / 2nd 10.28 / 3rd 7.31 / 4th 5.36:1
Endantrieb: Direktantrieb

Rahmen: Gepresstes Stahlblech, stromlinienförmige Monocoque-Struktur
Front Suspension: Trail arm with coil spring and damper
Hintere Federung: Spiralfeder mit Dämpfer
Vordere Bremsen: 125 mm Trommel
Hintere Bremsen: 127 mm Trommel
Räder: Auswechselbar
Front Tyre: 3.5 x 8″
Rear Tyre: 3.5 x 8″
Dimensions: Length: 1740 mm / 68.5 in Width: 670 mm / 26.4 in
Radstand: 1200 mm / 47.2 in
Trockengewicht: 98 kg / 216 lbs
Kraftstoffkapazität: 7,5 L / 2,0 US gal
Verbrauchsdurchschnitt: 2,1 L/100 km / 48 km/l / 112 US mpg
Acceleration: 0 – 75 km/h / 47 mph: 17.5 sec
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 90 km/h / 56 mph
Farben: Blau, Blau/Grün, Silber, Weiß
Quellen: Wikipedia,,

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