Vespa 125 GT Sprint (1966-73)

The Vespa 125 GT Sprint motorcycle was produced from 1966 to 1973, and variants included the GTR, TS, Primavera ET3, and P125X. The engine was a two-stroke, single-cylinder with a capacity of 121.2cc and a maximum power output of 3.4 kW. It featured a Dell’Orto SHB 16/16 carburetor, air cooling with a centrifugal fan, and a fuel mixture of 1:50. The motorcycle had kick-start starting and a 6V battery, and the clutch was multiplate. The 4-speed, grip-shift, constant mesh transmission had direct drive final drive. The frame was made of pressed sheet steel with a streamlined monocoque structure, and the suspension included elastic with coil springs and hydraulic shocks on the front and rear. Drum brakes were used on both the front and rear, and the interchangeable wheels were fitted with 3.0 x 10″ tyres. The dry weight of the motorcycle was 73 kg, and the fuel tank had a capacity of 5.5 L. With an average consumption of 2 L/100 km, the Vespa 125 GT Sprint could travel up to 85 km/h and had a top speed of 53 mph. The motorcycle was only available in white. Sources of information include Wikipedia and

Technische Daten:

Make Model: Vespa 125 GT/Sprint, GTR, TS, Primavera ET3, P125X

Year: 1966 – 73

Motor: Zweitakt, Einzylinder
Capacity: 121.2 cc / 7.4 cub in
Bore x Stroke: 52.5 x 57 mm
Carburetor: Dell’Orto SHB 16/16
Cooling: Air cooled, centrifugal fan
Kraftstoffgemisch: 1:50
Starten: Kickstart
Batterie: 6V
Kupplung: Mehrscheibenkupplung
Max Power: 3.4 kW / 4.6 hp
Getriebe: 4-Gang, Grip-Shift, konstanter Eingriff
Endantrieb: Direktantrieb
Rahmen: Gepresstes Stahlblech, stromlinienförmige Monocoque-Struktur
Front Suspension: Elastic with coil spring and hydraulic shock
Rear Suspension: Elastic with coil spring and hydraulic shock

Vordere Bremsen: Trommel
Hintere Bremsen: Trommel
Räder: Auswechselbar
Front Tyre: 3.0 x 10″
Rear Tyre: 3.0 x 10″
Dry Weight: 73 kg / 161 lbs
Kraftstoffkapazität: 5,5 L / 1,5 US gal
Consumption average: 2 L/100 km / 50 km/l / 117 US mpg
Top Speed: 85 km/h / 53 mph
Farben: Weiß
Sources: Wikipedia,

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