Velocette Vee Reihe (1958-60)

The Velocette Veeline was a motorcycle model produced between 1958 and 1960. It featured a four stroke, flat twin cylinder engine with a capacity of 192 cc and a compression ratio of 8.0:1. The cooling system was air-cooled and lubrication was via a wet sump. The bike had two Amal 363 monobloc carburetors, a twin exhaust system with torpedo-shaped silencers, and ignition was via a coil with a 6V, 42W battery. The bike had a kick start and a maximum power of 8.8kW/12hp at 7000rpm. The clutch was dry, three-plate and the transmission was a four-speed constant mesh system. The final drive was a shaft and the gear ratios were 1st 2.078 / 2nd 1.353 / 3rd 1.0 / 4th 0.739:1. The frame was a duplex frame with a single top tube and the bike had a wheelbase of 1300mm and a seat height of 737mm. The ground clearance was 152mm and it had a telescopic fork front suspension and woodhead-Monroe springs with hydraulic damping rear suspension. The front and rear brakes were 5 x 1” drums and the wheels were spoked with 3.25 x 18” tires. The fuel capacity was 13.6 L / 3.6 US gal and the dry weight was 125 kg / 276 lbs. The recommended top speed was 97km/h / 60mph and it was available in black or green.

Technische Daten:

Make Model: Velocette Veeline

Jahr: 1958 - 60

Engine: Four stroke, flat twin cylinder
Capacity: 192 cc / 11.7 cub in
Bore x Stroke: 50 x 49 mm
Verdichtungsverhältnis: 8,0:1
Kühlsystem: Luftgekühlt
Schmierung: Nasssumpf
Carburetor: 2 x Amal 363 monobloc
Exhaust: Twin with torpedo shaped silencers
Zündung: Spule
Battery: 6V, 42W
Starten: Kickstart
Max Power: 8.8 kW / 12 hp @ 7000 rpm
Kupplung: Trocken, Drei-Scheiben-Kupplung
Transmission: 4 Speed constant mesh
Endantrieb: Welle

Gear Ratio: 1st 2.078 / 2nd 1.353 / 3rd 1.0 / 4th 0.739:1
Frame: Duplex frame with single top tube
Radstand: 1300 mm / 51.2 in
Seat height: 737 mm / 29 in
Ground Clearance: 152 mm / 6 in
Vordere Federung: Teleskopgabel
Rear Suspension: Woodhead-Monroe springs with hydraulic damping
Front Brakes: 5 x 1″ drum
Rear Brakes: 5 x 1″ drum
Räder: Speichen
Front Tyre: 3.25 x 18″
Rear Tyre: 3.25 x 18″
Kraftstoffkapazität: 13,6 L / 3,6 US gal
Dry Weight: 125 kg / 276 lbs
Recommended Top Speed: 97 km/h / 60 mph
Colours: Black, green
Quelle: Wikipedia

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