SYM Tonik 50 (2014)

The SYM Tonik 50 motorcycle model was released in 2014 and has a single cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC engine with a capacity of 49.4 cc. The engine is air cooled and has a compression ratio of 12.6:1, with a dry sump lubrication system. The transmission is CVT and the final drive is a belt. The frame is made of steel and the suspension includes a telescopic fork in the front and swing arm, monoshock in the rear. The front brakes are hydraulic disc, 160 mm and the rear brakes are drum, 110 mm. The wheels are made of aluminium and the tyres are 90/90-10. The dimensions are 1735 mm in length, 710 mm in width, and 1040 mm in height. The wheelbase is 1220 mm and the dry weight is 92 kg. The fuel capacity is 5.8 L and it is available in white, red, black, and blue. In a review by Scooter System, it was noted that the SYM Tonik 50 has good acceleration and handling, making it a good option for daily commuting or for beginners.

Technische Daten:

Make Model: SYM Tonik 50

Jahr: 2014

Motor: Einzylinder, 4-Takt, SOHC
Capacity: 49.4 cc / 3.0 cub in.
Bore and Stroke: 37 mm / 46 mm
Kühlsystem: Luftgekühlt, forciert
Verdichtungsverhältnis: 12,6:1
Schmierung: Trockensumpf
Engine Oil Capacity: 0.75 L / 1.6 US pints
Kapazität des Getriebeöls: 0,11 L / 0,23 US Pints
Auspuff: Einfach
Kraftstoffsystem: Vergaser (CV)
Induktion: Elektronisch
Zündung: CDI
Batterie: 12V 6 Ah
Anfahren: Elektrisch & Kick
Spark Plug: RC7HSA

Max Power: 2.3 kW / 3.1 hp @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque: 3.1 Nm / 0.32 kgf-m / 2.3 ft/lbs @ 6500 rpm
Kupplung: Zentrifugal
Getriebe: CVT
Endantrieb: Riemen
Rahmen: Stahl, monokuniertes Stahlrohr
Vordere Federung: Teleskopgabel
Rear Suspension: Swing arm, monoshock
Front Brakes: Hydraulic disc, 160 mm
Hintere Bremsen: Trommel, 110 mm
Räder: Aluminium
Front Tyre: 90/90-10
Rear Tyre: 90/90-10
Dimensions: Length: 1735 mm / 68.3 in. Width: 710 mm / 28.0 in. Height: 1040 mm / 40.9 in.
Wheelbase: 1220 mm / 48.0 in.
Trockengewicht: 92 kg / 203 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 5.8 L / 1.53 US gal
Colours: White, Red, Black, Blue
Review: Scooter System

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