NSU 301 T (1929-30)

The NSU 301 T motorcycle, produced from 1929-1930, was a touring motorcycle designed for long distances. It had a 298cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that produced 11 horsepower, as well as a three-speed transmission and a shaft drive. The motorcycle also featured a sprung frame, comfortable saddle, and large fuel tank for extended travel.

The NSU 301 T was known for its reliability and durability, and was popular among touring enthusiasts at the time. It was capable of reaching speeds of up to 75 km/h and could travel up to 400 km on a single tank of fuel. The motorcycle also had a unique “tunnel” exhaust system, which contributed to its distinctive appearance.

While production of the NSU 301 T was short-lived, it left a lasting impression on the motorcycle industry. NSU continued to produce motorcycles until 1963, when it merged with three other German companies to form the present-day Audi AG. The NSU brand name lives on today in the form of Audi’s NSU department, which is responsible for the development of hybrid and electric powertrains.

Overall, the NSU 301 T was a well-regarded touring motorcycle that was ahead of its time in terms of its reliability and durability. Its legacy lives on through the continued use of NSU technology in modern Audi vehicles.

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