NCR Ducati 1000 Millona (2004)

The NCR Millona 1000NE motorcycle was released in 2004 and features an air-cooled, four-stroke, 90-degree L-twin cylinder engine with SOHC and desmodromic 2 valve per cylinder. This engine is a Ducati 1000SS and it produces a maximum power output of 67.7 kW or 82 hp at 8000 RPM in its standard form, and up to 105 hp in racing configurations. Transmission is provided by a 6-speed gearbox, and the final drive is a chain. Wet weight for the Millona is 120 kg.

Technische Daten:

Make Model: NCR Millona 1000NE

Jahr: 2004

Engine: Air cooled, four stroke, 90 degrees L twin cylinder, SOHC, desmodromic 2 valve per cylinder. (Ducati 1000SS)
Max Power: 67.7 kW 82 hp @ 8000 Standard – 105 hp racing
Getriebe: 6-Gang
Endantrieb: Kette
Wet Weight: 120 kg

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