KTM RC390 (2017)

The KTM RC390 (2017) motorcycle is a sport bike designed for thrilling rides. It has a single-cylinder, 373cc engine that delivers a maximum power of 43 horsepower and 26.87 lb-ft of torque. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and maneuver, while its suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The bike features a high-performance braking system with a four-piston caliper that ensures safe and responsive stopping power. Its aerodynamic design helps it achieve a top speed of 106 mph, making it ideal for racing enthusiasts. The RC390 also comes with advanced features such as ride-by-wire, slipper clutch, and a quick shifter that allow for smooth gear transitions and seamless control. Its instrument cluster has a digital LCD display that shows key information such as speed, RPM, fuel level, and remaining range. The motorcycle has a sleek and modern design, with a fully-faired bodywork and a sharp-looking fuel tank. Overall, the KTM RC390 (2017) is a high-performance sports bike that is perfect for riders who crave speed, agility, and precision.

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