KTM RC125 (2016)

The KTM RC125 is a 2016 motorcycle featuring a single-cylinder four-stroke engine that delivers 15 horsepower. It has a six-speed transmission and weighs 324 pounds. The bike is equipped with a slipper clutch that allows for smoother downshifts and reduces wheel skipping. It also has a WP Suspension system that provides a comfortable ride and stable handling. The KTM RC125 has a sleek and aerodynamic design, inspired by the brand’s racing heritage, with a sharp tail section and aggressive front fairing. The bike has a digital display that shows speed, gear position, and trip data. It also has a daytime running light that increases visibility and safety on the road. The KTM RC125 is ideal for beginners and commuters who want a stylish and reliable motorcycle that is easy to ride and maintain. Its small engine size makes it suitable for urban environments, while its advanced technology and performance features provide an enjoyable and exciting riding experience.

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