Kawasaki VN 1500 Mean Streak (1999-03)

The Kawasaki VN 1500 Mean Streak is a motorcycle model that was produced from 1999 to 2003. It has a four-stroke, 1470 cc V-twin engine with liquid cooling and digital fuel injection. The bike has a maximum power output of 64 horsepower at 4700 rpm and maximum torque of 112 Nm at 3000 rpm. Its transmission is a 5-speed and the final drive is a shaft. The frame is made of high-tensile steel and has a double cradle design. It features a 41mm cartridge fork front suspension and dual air-assisted shock absorbers with 4-way rebound damping adjustment for rear suspension. The front brakes consist of 2x 320mm discs with 6 piston calipers, while the rear brake is a single 270mm disc with 2 piston caliper. The front and rear tyres are 130/90R-16 and 150/80R-16 respectively. The bike has a rake of 32.0 degrees and a trail of 177 mm. Its wheelbase is 1661 mm and seat height is 696 mm. Its dry weight is 292 kg and wet weight is 313.0 kg. The fuel capacity of the Kawasaki VN 1500 Mean Streak is 18.9 Litres or 5.0 US gallons.

Technische Daten:

Make Model: Kawasaki VN 1500 Vulcan Classic

Year: 1999 – 03

Engine: Four stroke, 50 degrees V-Twin, SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Capacity: 1470 cc / 89.7 cu-in
Bore x Stroke: 102 x 90 mm
Kühlsystem: Flüssigkeitsgekühlt
Verdichtungsverhältnis: 9,0:1
Induction: Digital Fuel Injection with dual 36mm throttle bodies
Zündung: Digital
Anfahren: Elektrisch
Max Power: 64 hp / 46.7 kW @ 4700 rpm
Max Torque: 112 Nm / 82.6 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
Getriebe: 5-Gang
Endantrieb: Welle
Frame: High-tensile steel, double cradle
Front Suspension: 41mm cartridge fork
Federweg Vorderrad: 150 mm / 5.9 in

Rear Suspension: Dual air assisted shock absorbers with 4-way rebound damping adjustment
Hinterradfederweg: 100 mm / 3.9 in
Bremsen vorne: 2x 320-mm-Scheiben 6-Kolben-Bremssättel
Hintere Bremsen: Einzelne 270-mm-Scheibe 2-Kolben-Bremssattel
Front Tyre: 130/90R-16
Rear Tyre: 150/80R-16
Rechen: 32,0 Grad
Trail: 177 mm / 6.9 in
Radstand: 1661 mm / 65.4 in
Seat Height: 696 mm / 27.4 in
Dry Weight: 292 kg / 643.7 lbs
Wet Weight: 313.0 kg / 690.0 lbs
Kraftstoffkapazität: 18,9 Liter / 5,0 US gal

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