Indischer Pfadfinder (2015-16)

The 2015-16 Indian Scout motorcycle features a four stroke, 60-degree V-twin, DOHC engine with a capacity of 1133cc/69cu in. It has a compression ratio of 10.7:1, a semi-dry sump lubrication system, and a split dual exhaust with crossover. The electronic fuel injection system uses closed loop technology with a 60mm bore, and the bike has a 35 amp max output charging system with a 12-volt, 12 amp/hour maintenance free AGM battery. The Scout has a wet, multi-plate clutch and a six-speed sliding-mesh/foot shift transmission with a belt drive and gear drive wet clutch primary. The bike has a maximum power of 100hp/74.5kW at 8100rpm and a maximum torque of 72.2 ft-lbs/97.7Nm at 5900rpm. The suspension comprises of a 41mm telescopic fork at the front and dual shocks at the rear. The Scout comes equipped with single 298mm rotor brakes with 2 piston calipers at the front and single 298mm rotor brakes with 1 piston calipers at the rear. The front and rear wheels are cast at 16 x 3.5, with the front tire being 130/90-16 72H and the rear tire being 150/80-16 71H. The bike has a ground clearance of 135mm/5.3in and weighs 244kg/538lbs dry and 253kg/558lbs wet, with a fuel capacity of 12.5 Litres/3.3 US gal. The Indian Scout has a seat height of 673mm/26.5in Laden and is 2311mm/91in long, 880mm/34.6in wide, and 1207mm/47.5in tall. The wheelbase is 1562mm/61.5in, and the trail is 119.9mm/4.7in. The Scout has a rake of 29 degrees and can accommodate a maximum weight of 449kg/988lbs.

Technische Daten:

Marke Modell: Indian Scout

Jahr: 2015 - 16

Engine: Four stroke, 60 degrees V-Twin, DOHC, 4-Valves Per Cylinder,
Capacity: 1133 cc / 69 cu in
Bore x Stroke: 99 x 73.6mm / 3.898 x 2.898
Kühlsystem: Flüssigkeitsgekühlt
Schmierung: Semi-Trockensumpf
Verdichtungsverhältnis: 10,7:1
Exhaust: Split dual exhaust with crossover, Exhaust Control Two O2 sensors, one each bank, single three-way catalyst in each muffler
Induction: Electronic fuel injection, closed loop/60 mm bore
Motoröl: SAE 15W60
Ölkapazität: 4,73 Liter
Ladesystem: 35 Ampere Maximalleistung
Batterie: 12 Volt / 12 Ampere/Stunde, 210 CCA, wartungsfrei AGM
Anfahren: Elektrisch
Max Power: 100 hp / 74.5 kW @ 8100 rpm
Max Torque: 72.2 ft-lbs / 97.7 Nm @ 5900 rpm

Kupplung: Nass, Lamellenkupplung
Transmission: 6 Speed sliding-mesh/foot shift
Endantrieb: Riemenantrieb, 141 Zähne
Primary Drive: Gear drive wet clutch
Gear Ratio: 1st 10.782:1 2nd 7.328:1 3rd 5.841:1 4th 4.957:1 5th 4.380:1 6th 4.034:1
Final Drive Ratop: 2.357:1
Vordere Federung: 41 mm Teleskopgabel,
Federweg Vorderrad: 120 mm / 4.7 in
Hintere Aufhängung: Doppelstoßdämpfer
Hinterradfederweg: 76 mm / 3.0 in
Vordere Bremsen: Einzelner 298-mm-Rotor mit 2-Kolben-Bremssattel
Hintere Bremsen: Einzelner 298-mm-Rotor mit 1-Kolben-Bremssattel
Vorderrad: Guss 16 x 3,5
Hinterrad: Guss 16 x 3,5
Vorderreifen: 130/90-16 72H
Hinterreifen: 150/80-16 71H
Rechen: 29 Grad
Nachlauf: 119,9 mm / 4,7 in
Abmessungen: Länge 2311 mm / 91 in Breite 880 mm / 34.6 in Höhe 1207 mm / 47.5 in
Radstand: 1562 mm / 61.5 in

Seat Height: 673 mm / 26.5 in Laden 643 mm/ 25.3 in
Trockengewicht: 244 kg / 538 lbs
Nassgewicht: 253 kg / 558 lbs
Bodenfreiheit: 135 mm / 5.3 in
GVWR: 449 kg / 988 lbs
Kraftstoffkapazität: 12,5 Liter / 3,3 US gal

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