Gilera RX 250 Arizona Rally (1985)

The Gilera RX 250 Amizonas Rally is a motorcycle model from 1985 that features a two stroke, single cylinder, reed valve engine with a 248.9 cc capacity. The bike has a liquid cooling system and a compression ratio of 13.5:1. It is equipped with a 32mm Dell’Orto carburetor and electronic ignition, with a kick start for getting the engine going. The motorcycle is capable of generating 38 horsepower and 31.3 Nm of torque at peak RPM. The transmission is a 6-speed manual and the final drive is chain-driven. The bike has a telescopic fork front suspension and an alloy swing arm adjustable single shock rear suspension. The front brake is a single 240mm disc and the rear brake is a drum. The bike comes with a 15-liter fuel tank and weighs 122 kg. The front tire is 2.75-21 and the rear tire is 4.60-17.

Technische Daten:

Make Model: Gilera RX 250 Amizonas

Jahr: 1985

Motor: Zweitakt, Einzylinder, Lamellenventil
Capacity: 248.9 cc / 15.2 cu-in
Bore x Stroke: 71 x 62 mm
Kühlsystem: Flüssigkeitsgekühlt
Verdichtungsverhältnis: 13,5:1
Induction: 32mm Dell’Orto carburetor
Zündung: Elektronisch
Start: Kick
Max Power: 38 hp / 28.3 kW @ 7500 rpm
Max Power Rear Tyre: 34.6 hp / 25.8 kW @ 8750 rpm
Max Torque: 31.3 Nm / 23.1 lb-ft @ 7000 rpm
Getriebe: 6-Gang
Endantrieb: Kette
Vordere Federung: Teleskopgabel
Rear Suspension: Alloy swing arm adjustable single shock

Vordere Bremsen: Einzelne 240-mm-Scheibe
Hintere Bremsen: Trommel
Reifen vorne: 2.75-21
Hinterreifen: 4.60-17
Dry Weight: 122 kg / 275 lbs
Kraftstoffkapazität: 15 Liter / 3.9 US gal

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