Gas Gas FSE 450 (2010)

The Gas Gas FSE 450 was a dirt bike produced in 2010. It had a 449cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine capable of producing 48 horsepower. The bike also featured a six-speed transmission, a Keihin carburetor, and an electric starter.

The FSE 450 had an aluminum twin-spar frame and a Sachs rear shock with adjustable damping and preload. The front suspension consisted of WP upside-down forks with adjustable damping and preload as well. The bike had a seat height of 950mm and weighed in at 115kg.

The fuel tank of the FSE 450 had a capacity of 8.2 liters, and the bike had a top speed of approximately 120 km/h. The bike also had a hydraulic clutch and a Brembo braking system with a 260mm front disc and a 220mm rear disc.

Overall, the Gas Gas FSE 450 was a powerful and reliable dirt bike that could tackle challenging terrain with ease. Its lightweight frame and strong suspension system made it maneuverable and agile, while its high-performance engine made it a force to be reckoned with on the track. Acquiring this bike could be a great investment for those who love adrenaline and adventure on two wheels.

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