Gas Gas EC 300 (2017)

The Gas Gas EC 300 (2017) is a popular and powerful motorcycle known for its lightweight design and nimble handling. Riders have praised its ability to tackle a wide variety of terrains, including rugged trails and steep hills. The bike features a two-stroke engine with a displacement of 299cc, producing an impressive amount of power that allows it to easily navigate challenging terrain. It also has a six-speed transmission with hydraulic clutch for smooth shifting. The EC 300 is equipped with a variety of high-end components, such as KYB suspension and a FMF exhaust system, ensuring a smooth ride and exceptional performance. Its low seat height and slim profile make it easy for riders to handle and maneuver, while the hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power. The bike is also known for its durability, with a strong frame that can withstand the rigors of off-road riding. Overall, the Gas Gas EC 300 (2017) is a favorite among off-road enthusiasts for its exceptional handling, power, and dependability.

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