CCM TL 125 (2008)

The CCM TL 125 is a 2008 model of a lightweight and agile off-road motorcycle. It is built with a 125cc engine that can produce up to 12 horsepower and 9.7 Nm of torque, giving it enough power to handle different types of terrains. The bike has a six-speed transmission system that allows riders to switch gears smoothly and accurately. Its lightweight frame and springy suspension system make it easy to maneuver through dirt, mud, and rocky surfaces.

The TL 125 is designed for off-road riding and is equipped with durable tires with a knobby pattern that offers good traction and grip. It has a comfortable seat that allows riders to stay in control, even when going over bumps and jumps. The bike also comes with a hydraulic disc brake on both the front and rear wheels, which offers reliable stopping power.

The TL 125 has a simple and understated aesthetic, with a black-on-black paint scheme and minimal branding. The bike has a high-mounted exhaust that not only adds to its rugged look but also keeps it safe from damage during challenging rides. The bike has a small and compact fuel tank that offers a range of up to 80 miles per refill, making it ideal for short trips.

In summary, the CCM TL 125 is a lightweight and agile off-road motorcycle that delivers good performance and maneuverability. It is designed for riders who enjoy navigating through challenging terrains and want a bike that can handle anything that comes their way. Overall, the TL 125 is a great choice for those who want a reliable and affordable dirt bike.

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