CCM CXR230 (2007-08)

The CCM CXR230 motorcycle was a dirt bike produced in 2007-08. The bike had a 223cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine and a six-speed gearbox. The frame was made of aluminum, and the bike had adjustable suspension and disc brakes. The CXR230 had a dry weight of 106kg and a seat height of 940mm. The bike was designed for off-road riding, with features such as knobby tires and a high ground clearance. Overall, the CXR230 received positive reviews for its performance and handling on rough terrain. However, some riders noted that the bike’s power output could be limiting for more experienced riders. The CXR230 was also reportedly prone to electrical issues, which could cause problems for some riders. Despite these drawbacks, the CCM CXR230 remains a dependable and capable choice for off-road enthusiasts.

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