BSA B30 (1930)

The BSA B30 motorcycle was first introduced in the year 1930. The bike was one of the famous models produced by BSA (Birmingham Small Arms Company), a British motorcycle manufacturer. The bike had a 493 cc (30 cubic inch) engine that delivered 20 horsepower. The B30 had a four-speed gearbox and a chain driven primary drive to the clutch. The bike was lightweight and had a top speed of approximately 70 mph (113 km/h).

The bike had some unique features such as a cast-aluminum sump, a dry-sump oiling system with automatic oil pump, and a foot-change gearbox. The bike was made with a single downtube frame that used oil as a coolant for the steering head, and the engine had a bevel-gear driven overhead camshaft.

The BSA B30 also had some excellent design features, such as a fuel tank that was located under the saddle making the bike look sleek and aerodynamic. The bike was well balanced and was reliable. Therefore it became one of the popular models in the BSA motorcycle range.

The B30 was available as a touring model, sporting model or a combination of both. The bike was produced from 1930 to 1936 but due to the depression era, the demand for such high-end bikes decreased, and the BSA B30 was also affected.

However, even after almost 90 years, the BSA B30 is still considered a classic bike, which is sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The bike represents the British motorcycle industry’s craftsmanship and gives us a glimpse of what the biking world was like in the 1930s.

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